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Since 1998, The Law Office of Robert L. Starr has been fighting for the rights of consumers. Our firm was founded on the belief that everyone should be treated fairly, and that everyone should have a voice. We provide our clients with that voice. Although we are a law practice, we take a very down to earth, personal approach as to how we handle our cases, and our clients. We realize that every client is a person who deserves to be treated with respect, understanding, and care.

Over the years, we have represented thousands of consumers who have experienced problems with their vehicles. Some of our cases involve classic “Lemon Law” claims, where vehicles have undergone repairs due to warranty related problems. Other cases involve product defect claims which have resulted in personal injury and property damage. We have vast experience handling these cases.

Additionally, we assist clients who have been defrauded by car dealerships. Typical dealership fraud includes either failing to disclose problems with a vehicle (frame damage, improperly repaired collision damage, etc.), or subjecting consumers to unfair business practices, such as misrepresenting the price of a vehicle, “deal packing”, etc. Our team includes numerous people who used to work in the automotive industry. We have a very comprehensive understanding of the mechanical problems, design problems, and dealership problems that sometimes occur, causing harm to consumers.

We are happy to provide a free one hour consultation to potential clients, in order to evaluate your concerns and provide you with thoughtful advice as to how you should proceed. If you feel as though you have purchased a lemon, that you have suffered damage as a result of a vehicle defect, or that you been treated unfairly, please call us and let us help you.